World on Fire, my portrait of activist Greta Thunberg

Dragonfly, a rework of my entry to the ArtOrder Tiny Dragon challenge a few years ago.

The Cave, personal work

Summer's Queen

Winter's Queen

Stained-Glass Fairy - personal piece

Saturday Mornings - personal piece

Belmont — Castlevania fanart

Maximillian's Treasure book cover
Dalinar & Adolin Kholin-Stormlight Archive
Shallan Davar-Stormlight Archive
Kaladin vs. Szeth-Stormlight Archive
Paul Mua'dib-personal project
Simon Belmont-personal
I Ain't Your Little Girl No More-personal story project
The Northwarden-personal
Nautolan-Star Wars project
Sea Witch-personal
Grak vs. the Dragon-personal
Sending a Raven
Dragon Isle
PMQ Magazine cover-December 2018
Casey's Last Chance-book cover
Wormworld Saga
Ole Miss Engineering-magazine cover
Ole Miss Engineering-interior illo
Recent portraits, both commissioned and study.

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