Riders on the storm
How do you throw off the yoke of over a thousand years of oppression? How do you defeat tyrants who are functionally immortal? How do you win over a population that doesn't want to be free? 
Cassidy didn't want to know the answers to any of these questions. She just wanted to hunt the treasures of a long-past age and fly her skipship, Storm. But then she ran afoul of one of the most ruthless immortals in Elarin and fell in with a ragged band of cooks and sailors. Now they're being hunted, and if they want to save themselves they must first find a way to kill a god.
Riders on the Storm is my personal IP that I've been developing for the last several years, encompassing all of the genres I dearly love, from science fiction and fantasy to space opera, westerns, post-apocalyptic tragedies and zombie tales, among other influences. On this page you'll find a number of developmental paintings and concepts (not necessarily representative of the final story, mind you). Riders begins with a short story, The Shape of Things to Come, and will continue with a three-book series of illustrated novels. 
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