Riders on the storm
How do you throw off the yoke of a thousand years of oppression? How do you defeat tyrants who are functionally immortal? What do you do when peace isn't necessarily an achievable option? 
Pyk didn't want to know the answers to any of these questions. He was happy working the fishing boats around his home port of Hightide and spending his evenings with friends. But when destruction in the form of a powerful ancient hedonist arrives at his door, he has no choice but to fall headlong into a whirlwind of fight or flight across the land of Elarin. With an infinitesimal window of opportunity before him—along with a ragtag band comprised of his tiny chef best friend, a drunken blacksmith, and an alluring sky pirate—Pyk must choose whether his desire for revenge comes before the greater good of a land for which he couldn't care less.
Riders on the Storm is my personal IP that I've been developing for the last several years, encompassing elements of all the genres I dearly love—from science fiction and fantasy to space opera, westerns, post-apocalyptic tragedies and zombie adventures, among other influences. On this page you'll find a number of developmental paintings and concepts (not necessarily representative of the final story, mind you). Riders on the Storm will be the first of a three-book series of illustrated novels. 
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